5-Day Detox




We live in a society that believes in magic weight loss pills and gimmick diets to lose weight. These methods do not work! Firstly, our body is a machine, and, as mentioned earlier, needs the proper fuel. Weight loss is a by-product of healthy eating along with exercise and sleep. A balanced diet of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber will do just the job. But in this busy lifestyle, it can be easy to fall off track with preparing healthy dishes or even making time to burn extra calories off at the gym.


So what can we do to start over and get a fresh start to healthy living? That’s right, reset!


I stand by this 5-day fiber cleanse to jumpstart your life! In these five days, we recommend no strenuous exercising, and instead, focus on flushing out toxins and nourishing the body:




meal replacement shake (3 daily): Low glycemic. Gluten-free. Packed with Protein and Fiber. Quick to make by blending with water. Tastier alternatives include mixing in your favorite ingredients.

healthy snack (2 daily): Low glycemic & gluten free snack that you eat in between meals.

AM/PM supplement: Top-rated, pharmaceutically graded supplements to fill in the gaps that our food miss out on nourishing

fruits/veggies: If you can grow it, eat it raw! A serving of each a day will remind your body that it is alright to have solid food that is healthy

water: Lots of it! Drink 64-80 oz of water each day. The benefits of water are endless


After the five days, not only will you feel an increased in energy, but your body may lose up to 4-8 lb of wastes!

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