Meet DJ



Growing up, my parents always encouraged my brother and I to pursue our passions, despite the negativity that the world can carry. Witnessing the sacrifices and struggles that my parents have overcome is the primary reason why I always strive to spread happiness.


Like many people, there was a time when I had no specific direction in life, resulting in a fluctuation of my happiness. Although I pursued a higher education and obtained my degree from UC San Diego, I was always hiding my dejection and guilt for not having a stable career in the works. I just wanted to bring a proud smile to my mother’s face, considering she has always been my biggest hero.


Then I was introduced to a world of direct sales and enhanced nutrition, which has completely changed my life. In a society that highly favors a 9-5, I am proud to take on the entrepreneurial lifestyle that allows me to change lives with my own approach, and at the pace I desire. On top of it all, we’re dealing with health, the very thing we need in order to lead a better quality of life.


So I ask, what is your purpose? Still trying to figure it out? That is exactly what I want to help you discover. Let’s come together and chase it passionately!


And if you’re here to just browse, hopefully I can at least shine some positivity into your life. 😉 Enjoy!